Policy change for the Sturgis Police Department amid the coronavirus pandemic

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Due to all the changes with the COVID-19 virus affecting our state and soon our community, the Sturgis Police Department will be implementing new protocols in how they respond to calls for service.

All minor calls like thefts, vandalism, car versus deer accidents, dog bites, assisting a person, civil issues, etc. will be handled over the phone. Call their dispatch at 347-2573 and you will be transferred to an officer who will assist you.

They advise the public to not come to the Law Enforcement Center to report crimes and please don’t call their administrative line as you may not get an answer. For all types of serious calls, officers will still respond to assist and resolve the matter at hand. If officers come to your residence they may ask you to step outside and speak with them. They will not be going into residence unless it is absolutely necessary. This is for their safety as well as the communities.

Rest assured the Sturgis Police Department will still be out enforcing city and state laws by addressing traffic violations and crimes to people and property.

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