Police Investigate 6th Rapid City Homicide

     A homicide late Wednesday night is officially the 6th murder in Rapid City so far this year. Rapid City Police are continuing their investigation into the homicide and believe addressing the latest violent crimes will require community effort.
“A person has been beaten to death and left to die” said Karl Jegeris, RCPD Chief of Police. “Already this year, 6 homicides in one year and we still have 3 months left to go, that's no ok for the community."
Charles Quiver, found dead around 9 P.M. near 1st and North St, assaulted with a baseball bat. Witnesses tell officers two men were seen running from the scene.
Now police say they need to publics help to address the two separate murders, each happening just within 7 days of each other. “Right now the two current cases that we have, we need help from the community. We need information in order to solve these cases” said Jegeris.
He's also calling on local community leaders to address the problem of minority victimization
"in the past 3 years, 13 out of 14 victims have been native American and that is a great concern to me and the community. The underlying issue – criminal activity is on the rise.
“Last year in 2014 we had 300 aggravated assault arrests that's almost 1 per day. our drug arrests last year were at the highest level they have ever been before. We find that in all our of homicides, drugs or alcohol are involved"
Anyone with more information is being asked to contact police at 394-4134 or send an anonymous tip by texting ‘RCPD' and the information to 847-411. The Rapid City community is gathering Sunday for a sunrise prayer vigil for violence awareness this.
The event is being held at the Legacy Park on 6th Street at 7 A.M.