Poet’s Table vandalized; police recover taken items

UPDATE: 2 cited for vandalizing Poet’s Table in Black Hills


CUSTER STATE PARK, S.D. – The Custer County Sheriff’s Office said Monday morning that Custer State Park law enforcement was in the process of recovering what was left of the legendary Poet’s Table, which was vandalized and removed from its remote nook over the weekend.

According to a post on the sheriff’s office Facebook page, the people involved contact park law enforcement Monday morning.

The table was sawed in half. Once the items – including the pieces of the table – are recovered, they will be returned to the park for a determination on what happens next.

Over the weekend, a woman headed to the Poet’s Table encountered two young women carrying the pieces of the table down the trail and snapped photos of the two.

Image from Custer State Park Facebook Page

Afterward, the woman shared the photos with the Custer County Sheriff’s Office and park law enforcement. She also posted them to social media, touching off an online firestorm.

Park visitors and employees were shocked.

I don’t know why anyone would do that,” said park employee Jennifer Downard.  “That’s really messed up. I have people come up every day and ask me, like, ‘Oh, where is it?’ or, I’ve heard about it,’ and all this stuff."

The Custer County Sheriff’s Office has not released any names and said any further information will come from Custer State Park.