Plumbers in Rapid City overwhelmed with increased number of service calls

RAPID CITY, S.D. — These arctic temperatures we’ve had can lead to pipes freezing, especially in mobile homes. Now, some people are finding that their sewer vents are freezing as well, which can lead to number of problems.

Freezing temperatures have caused a lot of issues for homeowners as well as plumbers.

Mark Falcon, Owner of Loyal Plumbing, said, “This last weekend we had 60 calls, which was as much as we do in a normal week; we did in two days. The biggest thing is gonna be frozen pipes and then frozen sewer pipes also.”

One thing plumbers see a lot of that goes unnoticed is sewer vents being frozen or clogged, which can cause odorless gases such as methane or carbon monoxide to build up in your home and can make you sick or even kill you. Unfortunately, once you clear the outside vent, you won’t know things aren’t going to work until it is too late, so it is important to take preventative measures when the weather is warm to prepare for the cold.

“The best thing you can do is get those pipes to be the right size as they come through the attic space and out of the roof. We look for the code in this area to be three-inch piping, that’s gonna go out of the roof. A lot of people have two-inch just grandfathered in,” said Falcon.

Smaller piping makes it easier for condensation to freeze up faster, which leads to clogged vents. Rapid City has not experienced any damage to city plumbing due to weather but continues to receive calls regarding water service to homes wondering if the city has shut their water off.

Communications Coordinator for Rapid City, Darrell Shoemaker, said, “Call the city, call their landlord, just making sure their isn’t an extraneous issue. Maybe the payment didn’t clear the bank or it didn’t get received or something like that making sure. On the city side that you know did we shut off the water in a particular neighborhood for any particular reason. So if nothing breaks there then obviously they’ve got a water pipe issue then that’s the time to call a plumber.”

Plumbers will warm up your roof vents from the inside in order to stay off of slick roofs during the winter. They will also make sure your traps are full to prevent gases from entering your home.

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