Plasma donations needed across the nation

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Vitalant is currently seeking AB plasma donors across the nation due to a shortage.

While there are paid plasma centers across the country, Vitalant is not one of them. So you may be wondering what’s the difference between paid plasma and donated plasma?

“Those paid centers are using plasma to manufacture products such as pharmaceuticals, where Vitalant is using plasma to directly transfuse into patients that need it,” according to Brittany Sigel, Vitalant’s Donor Recruitment Manager.

She say that plasma is used for patients, for example, who are experiencing liver failure or who have suffered serious burns. Since plasma generates faster than red cells, it can be donated every four weeks, as opposed to every eight weeks.

AB blood types are considered universal plasma donors and since a donation can last up to one year, your donation will go a long way. So the next time you go to Vitalant to make a red cell donation, be sure to ask how you can donate plasma as well.






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