Plant and Seed Swap brings community together in time for spring cleaning and gardening

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Hippie Haven held its first ever “Plant and Seed Swap” on Saturday.

Those looking to garden or get rid of things they don’t need were able to trade in their pots for plants and vice versa.

Anyone could donate or take as many pots, plants, seeds or gardening tools as they wanted.


The event serves as a great opportunity for those looking to do some spring cleaning and prepare for the gardening season.

“Spring’s coming; a lot of people are doing spring cleaning. They don’t know what to do with plants, they’ve got extra seeds and all that, and a great way to do that is sharing with the community and providing it as free resources for those who need it,” said Chesca Cedillo, Store Manager and Event Coordinator at Hippie Haven.

Hippie Haven will also being hosting a local handmade market for local makers and artists next Saturday, April 3.

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