Pine Ridge teaming up with MIT and their SOLVE initiative

PINE RIDGE, S.D. — This weekend the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation teamed up with SOLVE, an initiative started by Massachusetts Institute of Technology to help local entrepreneurs connect with resources to scale up their work.

SOLVE has run an indigenous communities fellowship for two years and this year they decided to come to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to see if they can help further the community’s knowledge of cost effective technology.

The organization is made up of both MIT employees and representatives from different reservations. It is then their job to find local businesses or native-lead projects and help them in their work like sustainable agriculture, renewable housing models and indigenous fine arts. By bringing the community into the MIT and larger SOLVE fellowship network it encourages partnerships and helps to spread knowledge from one another.

SOLVE’s Associate Officer Rachael Drew said “I think we are just learning to grow and expand but to do it in a really sustainable way so its only year two of the program, but we are very much hoping that it grows and expands.”

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