Pine Ridge Reservation prepares for second winter storm

OST officials warn the public to not take chances in the weather

PINE RIDGE S.D. — On the Pine Ridge Reservation, Oglala Sioux Tribe Emergency Management and volunteers are stocking up, preparing for the snow.

The Pine Ridge Reservation is still in a state of emergency from the last storm. Though the flood waters have receded, some community members remain trapped in their homes or in shelters because roads are washed out.

A shipment of food, water, and supplies arrived on Tuesday from the Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Nation out of White Shield North Dakota. The volunteers who dropped off the supplies estimated that they were worth around $8,000.

On Facebook, the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of corrections warned the public to prepare accordingly.

“Prepare your homes with propane, water, firewood, blankets, food, candles and other essential items in case the electricity does goes out,” the post said. “Check on your elders, and families in your communities in case they have to stay with family closer to the roads. The family members and elders that have medical conditions, start preparing them in case it does get bad so they are easily accessible to the roads in case Emergency Management, Law Enforcement and Medic Units need to be available to them. If the weather is bad no traveling at any time no taking chances in this weather.”

The Red Cross of Central and Western South Dakota remains on in Pine Ridge, ready to help people in need.

“The Red Cross will be there if any assistance is needed, if any sheltering or reception areas are needed, we will be able to address those needs as well,” said Becky Eisenbraun, the Assistant Director for the Red Cross District 2.

Eisenbraun also said there’s seven Red Cross volunteers working on the reservation.

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