Pine pollen heavy in Black Hills, how to get relief

In early spring, the Black Hills had a high range of pollen - it has come down a bit now but still uncomfortable for those who suffer from allergies.

Allergies can be treated several ways- with avoidance, medications, immunotherapy or a combination of these treatments.

Pine pollen in Black Hills

Pine pollen in Black Hills, courtesy Jim Simpson

It helps if you know what you are allergic to — this can be identified with an allergy testing then you can try to avoid that irritant.

Another option is exposure therapy over time.

Seasonal Allergies

Runny nose, seasonal allergy symptom

Dr. Troy Howard, ENT with Rapid City Medical Center, says, “Your immune system can be manipulated with allergy shot which is basically low dose exposure to those allergies whether it be pollen or grass, tree allergens -whatever it is that you are allergic to based off of that allergy test.”

Over counter antihistamines may be a viable option for symptom relief.

Keep your doors closed at home and use HEPA filters -that remove ultra fine particles indoors.

HEPA filter air purification system

“Hepa filters are effective at getting rid of allergens and pollen in the air,” says Howard.

Talk to a professional about your options for allergy relief.

Howard says, “Really what it comes down to is working with your doctor to find a strategy that is best for you and sometimes that is a combination your over the counter antihistamines, nasal sprays, some prescription medications, sometimes a steroid injection that can last even several months. Really all the things work together to give you some base line relief while your doctor figures things out with testing and perhaps immune therapy.”

pine pollen on car

pine pollen on car

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