Piedmont FD donates a chair to elderly woman

PIEDMONT, S.D. – The Piedmont Fire Department took a call about 2 weeks ago from an elderly woman (she prefers to be anonymous) who could not get out of a chair. When they arrived they realized that the chair was a fire hazard. 

The woman is 88-years-old. She does have mobility with the use of a walker and at times struggles to lift herself up. Not being able to get out of a chair can become a safety hazard during a fire. So the department decided to raise money in order to get her a chair that caters to her needs.

They partnered with Ashley furniture to make the donation possible.  Both Ashley furniture and the fire department showed up to her home to remove the old chair and deliver the new one. The new chair reclines and with the push of a button, it brings her to an upright standing position.

When she first found out about the generous donation, she was so happy she cried tears of joy. The fire department was more than happy to make the donation.

They want the community to know that they are present in multiple ways. They want to save lives not only during an emergency but before an emergency occurs.



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