Pickup driver escapes serious crash with semi

ANDOVER, S.D. — Officials with the South Dakota Highway Patrol issued a warning to the public following a serious crash near Andover last week.

“This accident near Andover late last week shows the importance of paying attention to the vehicles in front of you,” said the patrol in a Facebook post.

According to the post, a semi-truck was slowing down to turn into a grain elevator facility when it was struck from behind by a pickup traveling in the same direction.

“Somehow the driver of the pickup did not suffer life threatening injuries,” wrote the South Dakota Highway Patrol in its post.

Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of crashes and often happen in the daytime during clear conditions — when it may be easier to become complacent or distracted.

Staying alert, maintaining a safe following distance and monitoring speed are the best ways to prevent a rear-end crash. Additionally, always scan your rearview and outside mirrors to see what’s going on around you and to avoid being rear-ended — particularly when you’re stopped or slowing down for traffic and in construction zones.


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