PHOTOS: Students ride frisbees down the M after dedication and ribbon cutting

RAPID CITY, S.D. – As the end of Rocker Days nears its end, South Dakota Mines holds its traditional picnic and whitewashing of the M on Friday at Founders Park and M Hill.

There was also a dedication and a ribbon cutting for the M, that was renovated over the summer.

Here are photos to show more of what happened at the event:

Walking To Picnic

Students walk toward the picnic held at Founders Park to enjoy some food before making their way up M Hill.

Smiles During Picnic

A number of alumni, staff and faculty joined students for the picnic, being able to talk and smile with one another.

Baby Smiles

Young to old arrived to the picnic to enjoy the food at Founders Park for the M-Day Picnic.

President At Picnic

President James (Jim) Rankin spoke at the Founders Park during the picnic before students, alumni, staff and faculty made their way up the hill.

Ketchup On Burger

For the picnic, people were able to top their burgers with anything they liked. There was a table filled with topping like lettuce, pickles and onions, as well as packets of condiments.

Looking At Plaques

An S.D. Mines student crouches down to look at some of the plaques that hadn’t been returned to the M yet.

Walking Up To The M

Next came walking up to the M, which most people did in groups or at least pairs.

President Smile

Before handing off the scissors, President Rankin smiles to the South Dakota Mines homecoming queen, who was holding up one side of the ribbon.

Ribbon Cutting 1

Emily Sandy, South Dakota Mines Alumna, gets ready to cut the ribbon of the redone M, which was her senior project in 2019 with Jamie Smith, another student at the time.

Students had fun and smiled as they slide down the M with the help of white paint being dumped over some students. The gallery has photos of students sliding down the letter, covered in paint and smiling at each other.

Wolverine Relaxing

Someone dressed in a Wolverine costume lays down below the M after all the paint ran out.

Walking Down Hill

Once done on M Hill, everyone walked back down the hill, with some washing off the paint in Rapid Creek at the bottom of the hill.

The last day of Rocker Days, Saturday, will feature a football game against New Mexico Highlands University at 2 p.m. and a homecoming concert with Flannel at 5 p.m.

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