PHOTOS: RCFD Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting completes its annual required training

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Part of the Rapid City Fire Department, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF), participated in its annual required training Monday afternoon.

With a live fire and mock airplane, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all airports with commercial traffic to go through ARFF training every 12 months.

They were also joined by other stations, because they would be the ones called in to help if a real situation were to occur.

“Any time that we’re able to do something that is different, something that is outside the norm for us, we’re always willing to jump in and do that because there’s so few and far between,” Kevin Sosa, a firefighter with the Rapid City Fire Department, said. “This type of training is really valuable to us because we don’t get this opportunity to do it all the time.”

9gearing Up

Firefighters gear up before starting a different situation during their aircraft rescue and fire fighting training.

14fire Reflection

A propane fire from the train grows and is reflected in the water from previous scenarios.

16carrying Mannequin

A firefighter carries out a mannequin from the plane.

1placing Down Mannequin

A firefighter places a mannequin down in the pile after recovering it from the mock plane as part of the scenario they were running.

4firefighters Exiting Plane

Firefighters exit the plane after extinguishing the fire and getting all of the “victims” out.

(In the gallery) Firefighters extinguish the flames from either the ground or the plane during the training.

11keefe Close

RCFD Lieutenant Marshall Keefe looks toward other firefighters during their training.

13going Into Air Craft

Smoke escapes the plane’s open door as firefighters enter through it.

15pushing Open Back Door

A firefighter pushes open the back door of the plane to try and let more smoke out from inside.

7talking Between Scenarios 8firefighters And Trainer

Firefighters talk with the trainer after finishing a scenario of the training.

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