PHOTOS: Rapid City Fire Department holds second day of high-rise training

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Tuesday was the second day of training for the Rapid City Fire Department (RCFD) at the parking garage on Second, and Kansas City Streets.

They climbed stairs, stretched hoses, charged them with the standpipe system, and got experience operating in a stairwell.

“This training is important because we are actually switching to all new equipment and standards for our high-rise response or standpipe or quick building response,” RCFD Lieutenant Marshall Keefe, said. “It’s not something that we do frequently, but it’s something that we need to be good at because it’s a very high risk event.”

Overhead Rcpd

Firefighters started getting ready outside the parking garage before starting their training.


Keefe ran the training and helped talk a few trainees through the last run.

While firefighters ran through the training, the trainees were there to help reset it whenever it was needed.

Pulling Fire Hose

This firefighter pulled the hose to give himself more ability to move during a training simulation of hallways and around corners after the group moved up the stairs.

Rcfd Hose

The firefighters shot water through a makeshift ‘doorway’ up at the ceiling of the parking garage, sometimes causing water to spray onto the sidewalk or road outside the building.

Unhooking Hose

Then, they prepared to bring the equipment downstairs, unhooking the hose.


After simulations, the group would talk through the scene to discuss what went right and what they needed to improve.

Folding Up Hose

Once the training was over, hoses were emptied of any remaining water before being folded up and set aside.

When one station crew left the area after training, another would arrive a few minutes later for the next training.

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