PHOTO GALLERY: Rowan Grace fans show their support for the Rapid City singer at Monday night watch party


Kids Showing Their Support For Rowan GraceRAPID CITY, S.D.– The Park’s 707 nightlife space was the location of Monday night’s watch party as a crowd gather to support “The Voice” contestant Rowan Grace. Family and friends coming together as they waited to see her take the stage during the second round of live performances.

“This is a young lady who not only has progressed with time, but she also keeps a dignity about her and a youthfulness that is nice to see,” host Brandi Schutz said. Schutz has seen first-hand how Rowan has progressed and how she stays grounded even with her talent. “She is still, you know, her age and she’s not trying to be anything different, but she’s so talented. Once in a while, you get graced to find someone like that. And she’s definitely one of them.”

Rowan performed “The Winner Takes It All” by ABBA, which was preceded by a collection of home video clips of her performing as a young child. In the introduction before the performance, Rowan explained how she would put on performances as a young child for her family featuring songs by the Swedish group.

Photos from the Watch Party

Family members in attendance were excited to see her performance and to have been part of her journey.

“All of the national anthems that she sang locally. It is fun to have somebody say– when you say, you know, your last name is Hibbard, that they associate you with Rowan Grace,” her aunt Shannon said. Shannon recalled being sent videos by Grace’s parents and also saw the talent she had growing up. Many of her family members were even wearing Rowan Grace shirts at the watch party.

In total, around 100 people showed up to watch this performance. Some even waving homemade signs to show their pride for the local singer.

“It’s just a great moment to see all the people, and it’s just a very proud moment for her,” Shannon said.

“And her dad always support me, so it’s nice to come and support them,” cousin Jace Hibbard added.

Voting is now underway through Tuesday at 5:00 a.m MT. 10 votes are allowed for each individual person voting to save their favorite contestant, with results revealed Tuesday night.

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