PHOTO GALLERY: Rowan Grace arrives back in Rapid City to a special surprise

Rowan Grace Returns HomeRAPID CITY, S.D.– After Tuesday night’s episode of “The Voice,” Rowan Grace returned to Rapid City Wednesday evening and was greeted by fans showing their support. After fans picked “I love you” by Billie Eilish for her to perform, it was revealed during the Tuesday night show that she was in the bottom three. She fought to stay in the competition with a decision to perform “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, but she and Team Gwen’s Kique Gomez lost the Instant Save option to Kim Cruise.

Back in Rapid City

At the airport Wednesday night, she described the feeling of leaving the show as bittersweet, but was grateful for the experience and everything she had learned from the judges and the people she met during the competition. “I felt like the way that I performed last night, especially being sick, I felt like it went really well,” she said. “And then just hearing that from Blake was very great. And I’m just so thankful for the show. For Blake and Gwen, for everyone. It’s awesome.”

Everyone coming together

Family and friends were among the people gathered. Her friends Amelie and Bijou were among the group, with balloons and bags of candy for Rowan. Since it was first revealed she was going to be on the show, they were more than excited for her and to see how things went throughout the competition. “She was 16 when she started. She’s 17 now. And she outdid so many other people who are twice her age and she made her mark,” Amelie said. “She’s only going to go further.”

What is next

And despite the bittersweet ending, she is using this experience to push herself forward in making her dreams come true. “I’m excited to use this to put out music and do more of what I love doing,” she said. “It was so much fun and I’m so grateful for all the friendships I gained, all the things I learned– I learned so much. Since June, I’ve been you know, this has been my life. And so, yeah, it’s bittersweet to say goodbye, but I’m very, very happy with how it went, very pleased and very excited to keep going.”