Phase one of construction on the Rapid City downtown parking garage set to begin Monday

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Phase one of renovations to the Rapid City downtown parking garage are set to begin on Monday, January 30. During this project, both staircases will be renovated and include a partial enclosure of the stairs to protect the structure and the people who use it.

The original structure is about 25 years old and some of the steel has begun to corrode. The corrosion of the steel is happening at a faster pace than usual because of the the salt that is used to treat the roads and sidewalks during the winter.

“You can see the areas where, you know — you’re seeing a lot of that corrosion and we just need to get on top of it so that the structure hopefully can last another 25 years,” said Rod Johnson, operations management engineer for Rapid City.

The first phase of construction will work to renovate the stairwell on the east (fifth street) side of the structure.

During this phase, the upper levels of the garage can still be accessed by using the west (sixth street) stairwell and entrance. The lower level of the parking garage can be accessed using the fifth street entrance.

This project will likely run into fall, with the goal of keeping as much parking available as possible. However, you should still expect some inconveniences out of an abundance of safety.

For updates on the project, you can visit the city’s website.

Parking Garage Map

Downtown Rapid City Parking Garage Map

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