Perkins County Sheriff’s Office with a strong warning: “We are not a towing service”

Many roads in South Dakota are closed Thursday evening, including Perkins County northeast of the Black Hills
BISON, S.D. – Perkins County Sheriff’s Office had some strong words for those thinking of heading out Thursday evening into blizzard conditions.
Perkins County
“All roads in Perkins County are CLOSED!
This does not mean no travel advised, travel at your own risk, or I just need to go get one thing from the store. It means THEY ARE CLOSED!
There are minimal resources to assist you if you make the unconscious decision to drive. Do your part to ensure your safety as well as that of the first responders you have now chose to endanger with your negligence.
While we are first responders, we are not a towing service. If you are stuck and we can possibly make it to you, you will receive a ride as well as a citation. Your vehicle will be left until services are available and will more than likely become an icicle.
Be smart and be responsible. Stay home and ensure safety for everyone.”
Roads are closed through large sections of the state, as ground blizzard conditions continue to make travel dangerous.
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