People enjoy the Farmer’s Market to buy their groceries locally

The market held its Fourth Annual Great Zucchini Race to celebrate National Farmer's Market Week

RAPID CITY, S.D. — For National Farmer’s Market Week, the Black Hills Farmer’s Market celebrated with its fourth year of a crafty race Saturday.

The Fourth Annual Great Zucchini Race let market visitors make a vehicle from the squash, and decorate it as well before putting it to the test.

“Zucchini being so abundant, we have a creative use for them and it’s just a lot of fun,” Black Hills Farmer’s Market Manager Barbara Cromwell said.” We put together all the materials that are needed so that it’s really simple for kids that come to stop at the farmer’s market to put them together and decorate them however they want.”

The market, which often gets more foot traffic in August, continued, as usual, to allow shoppers to look and buy locally.

“It’s the best thing that you can get. It’s just delicious, fresh picked, you know, probably yesterday or even this morning in some cases,” Cromwell said. “We have most all of the grocery items. We have a wide variety.”

According to Cromwell, there are more than 40 businesses every year that sell a range of items, from meat, soaps and even baked goods.

Not only do shoppers provide wages, but the money will likely stay in the community and the market also helps make connections.

“My favorite thing about a Farmer’s Market, especially on a Saturday morning, is everybody is out and they’re in a good mood. They’re shopping with their family or their friends and they’re getting healthy food for the dinner that they’re making, like on Saturday or Sunday. Just the atmosphere,” Owl Creek Organics Owner Bernadette Barnaud said. “A lot of us make out living off of the money that we make from the farmer’s market and it’s very important for the community because it builds people’s relationships.”Market Shoppers

“There is a lot of people that I would not know unless I came to the market and it’s great to just chat with everybody and hear all the fun things that they’re cooking and excited about. Good things to eat really,” Homegrown Pork and Poultry Owner AJ Granelli said.

To continue the celebrations, Kitzan Family Farms Owner Gwendolyn Kitzan announced that next Saturday will be the First Annual Black Hills Farmer’s Market PRO-Tein Day.

“Anybody from the Black Hills area that would like to come down here to the Black Hills Farmer’s Market, you can stop at the information booth over here and you can buy a coupon for $5 and receive $10 worth of protein here at the Black Hills Farmer’s Market,” Kitzan said. “One of the things that we’re really well known for here in western South Dakota is our high-quality meat.”

Mascot KidsThere will be a scavenger hunt which will start at the Rapid City Public Library tent where the scavenger card can be picked up there. After finding everything, return the card, and then at noon, there will be drawings for prizes.

Next Saturday will also have a chef cooking up and giving out free samples of beef, pork and lamb. Granelli gave the chef rack of ribs, so the sooner you arrive, the more likely you will be able to get the free samples before they run out.

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