Pennington County Water Rescue Team deployed to Pine Ridge

Photo Courtesy of the Rapid City Fire Department

Rapid City/Pennington County water rescue team deployed to Pine Ridge following flooding

PINE RIDGE, S.D. — Members of the Pennington County Water Rescue Team were deployed to Pine Ridge this week in response to substantial flooding in the area.

At least four people have died on the Reservation as a result of a late season blizzard that has turned into rising waters and mud.

The conditions have led to impassable roads, food and water shortages and stranded residents, equipment and animals.

An estimated 500 people were displaced, and tribal leaders declared a State of Emergency the day after the blizzard hit.

According to the Rapid City Fire Department, which has four firefighters that are also a part of the Water Rescue Team, the team has been working non-stop since arriving on the Reservation.

During their deployment, the team will be helping with water rescue and flood operations, and also delivering supplies to those that are safe, but trapped in their homes.

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