Pennington County Sheriff’s Office swears in new employees

Sequence 0300 00 41 10still001RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office swore in 13 new employees Thursday.

Seventh Circuit Court Judge Heidi Linngren swore in Irene Medina, Jacob Person, Matthew Sedlacek, Kayla Wickerd, and Kyle Thomson – Correctional Officers; Daryl Robinson and Skye Row – Inmate Security Officers; Desiree Davis, Victoria O’Bryan, and Gary Hassell – Jail Booking Technicians; Miriam Nichols, RN, and Aiden Rodgers and Krystal Tysdal – Detox Technicians.

The event was not just a formality – an oath of office is a formal promise that the official understands the requirements of the position and will work to meet or exceed those requirements.

County officials were on-hand to greet and formally recognize the new hires, with families and friends of the new staffers in attendance to show their support and pin-on badges.

Gary Hassell, a Marine and Army veteran looks at his new position as a Pennington County Jail Booking Technician as an opportunity to continue to serve his country and community.

He’s excited about making an impact in the lives of the people he will meet in his new role.

“I guess for me being a bookie you see people come and you see people leave. So for me, it would be a positive for me to see somebody was leaving. I kind of give them a feedback, say, you know what? You could do better. You know, make better choices, with yourself, and accomplish things in life. I’m just appreciative of being here. I’m looking for the opportunity to go further and hopefully advance my career and do some big things,” he said.

Hassell aspires to move up the ranks within the Sheriff’s Office and one day work in transport.

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