Pennington County Sheriff’s Office is sending six of their deployed staff members care packages this week

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A staff member at the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office suggested sending care packages to six members of the staff who are deployed this holiday season. With Sheriff Thom’s permission, members put together boxes of items they thought would bring some comfort to those that are away from home.

Tony Verchio, Training Manager at the Sheriff’s Office, worked for over thirty years in the U.S. Army. He has experience being on deployment and knows what it’s like to receive care packages.

“If you know the person that is deployed,” says Verchio. “And there’s something special that they like – I’m kind of a maple nut goodie fan – and so my wife, when she would send packages, would make sure that those were included in the package. Those kind of personal touches, if you really know the person, that helps.”

The boxes contain items ranging from microwave popcorn all the way to bath soap.

“Depending on where you’re deployed around the world,” Verchio adds. “Some things are better than others to receive just because of climate and maybe access to things that you might not normally have.”

The care packages will be shipped Wednesday, Dec. 10th.


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