Pennington County residents voice concern at BOC meeting

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. — County commissioners met Tuesday to meet on a number of different issues but none as controversial as the amending of Ordinance 14.

The Highway Department brought up the amendment to change criteria for constructing and accepting roads and approaches onto the county highway system.

Many citizens of Pennington County came to the county administration building to voice their concerns about the amending of Ordinance 14.  Many citizens expressed hardships of traveling the roads such as first responders, parents taking children to schools and business owners such as ranchers transporting cattle. Citizens also expressed worries about low maintenance roads and if they would improve.

The amendment was put into place to update Pennington County guidelines to use in putting a resolution together for road maintenance to be voted on by the County Board of Commissioners. The proposed amendment will also lead to some roads having the required snow clearance changed to six inches instead of four inches. According to Highway Department Superintendent, this was done to spread resources further and get more done with the budget they have.

The amendment passed on a 4-1 vote with commissioners stating to the public that for their roads to be changed to low maintenance, the vote will still have to go through them and that they wanted there to be more of a dialogue between residents of the rural parts of Pennington County and Superintendent of the Highway Department Joseph Miller.

County commissioners also stated that they wanted to check out roads in Pennington County that have been getting complaints to see for themselves the concerns citizens have.

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