Pennington County Republican Women bring in panelist of politicians to discuss debatable issues, Thursday

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Legalizing hemp farms and education funding were among many controversial topics discussed during the Pennington County Republican Women’s legislative panel, hosted at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn, Thursday.

Republican Representatives Scyller Borglum, Taffy Howard, Julie Frye-Mueller, Tina Mulally, Jess Olson and Sen. Phil Jensen were all present to talk about their work in office, legislative priorities and answer questions.

Industrial hemp, an issue Gov. Kristi Noem has stated she is against, and CBD, are resolutions that all six members were proponents of.

“I understand the Governor had problems with how our law enforcement was going to deal with it [but] they’re dealing with it,” says Rep. Tina Mulally (R). “If we would’ve passed it last year we could have already started getting our local law enforcement to realize what it was they needed to do to make it right.”

Education was also a noticeably important topic to members in attendance.

“When you look at our state constitution, legislatures are [given] the duty to provide an education,” said Rep. Jess Olson (R), member of the Education Committee. “That is our job in the constitution. We have to look at what that means, and also so that they become successful citizens. If you look at the Republican platform, we support local control of curriculum. We support that.”

Questions on public education funding, HB 1108 , and Red Flag Laws were also asked.

The next Pennington County Republican Women’s session will be held Dec. 5th.

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