Pennington County offering Citizen 911 Dispatch Class this month

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. — An opportunity to learn more about 911 dispatch operations, and how to better use the service, is coming up.

Registration is open for Pennington County’s Citizen 911 Dispatch Class at the end of the month.

The course covers when it is and isn’t appropriate to call 911, and how to respond to questions during an emergency.

Participants will also get to sit in and listen to actual emergency calls.

“This gives them the opportunity to see their role, to understand why it is we ask as many questions as we do, and why their input is important to us while we’re taking a 911 call,” said Pennington County 911 Dispatcher Sarah Smith.

The next Citizen 911 Dispatch Class is Thursday, September 30.

Classes are held at the end of each month free of charge.

You can register through the Pennington County website, or the county 911 Facebook page.

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