Pennington County law enforcement unveils 2 new drones

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Law enforcement unveiled a new versatile tool — a drone package including a small drone for quick deployment in a small space, and a larger drone with longer flight duration and a high resolution camera.

The drones will be used in multiple circumstances: natural disaster, search and rescue, Special Response Team call-out, and any major incident.

All pilots are part 107 certified with the Federal Aviation Administration. The DJI drones have infrared capabilities.

The drone can provide an operational picture as an incident unfolds, it acts as an eye from the sky that can help with deputy and officer safety.

“We are excited about the many applications and possible uses for the new drones,” says Sheriff Kevin Thom. “These drones can help us get to an inaccessible area during a natural disaster and could be invaluable during the day or night in the search for a missing person.”

The cost of the drones was $56,000, they will be shared by the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, Rapid City Police Department and Pennington County Search and Rescue.




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