Pennington County Jail starts remodel

Expected to be complete this spring

RAPID CITY, S.D. -The Pennington County Jail started remodeling this week. They are constructing a new kitchen and laundry area. The original area was created in the 80s and had enough space to provide services for about 200 inmates. 

As of today, the jail holds about 600 inmates. Along with that, they provide food services for the juvenile program at Care Campus. In total, they serve almost a thousand people a day, so the remodel was much needed.

“We are taking a look into the future, what are we going to need down the road, how are we going to accomplish that,” said Mike Kuhl, Director of Bank and County Building and Grounds.

The interior will consist of tile floor and painted concrete walls. In order to stay within the county budget, inmates will make up a majority of the staff in the kitchen and laundry areas.

“So we do try to find work for those willing and able to do some work to help them pass their time and then also they’re building some basic work skills and job skill by working as a trustee in the kitchen and laundry areas. We have them doing a lot of other services here within the jail,” said Chief Deputy Brian Mueller.

The remodel will also consist of a parking area for first responders and jail employees. Approximately 7 million dollars is going into the project and if weather conditions permit, it should be complete this spring.

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