Pennington County Jail inmates given option to receive Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

Inmates at Pennington County Jail, when incarcerated, are able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if they request it.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Two of the COVID-19 vaccines are now being use at the Pennington County Jail.

About 273 inmates have received either the single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine — or the double-dose Moderna shot.

The shots given if the inmates requests it.

Jail Commander Rob Yantis says the process has been running smoothly, as the jail works with the South Dakota Department of Health.

“It’s a very good opportunity for us to make sure that our inmate population is vaccinated, that helps as they go back into the community, it helps just as they’re inside the facility as well, so it’s a good opportunity for us to get that done and it’s been very good,” Yantis said.

Yantis says that the jail will continue to order vaccines as needed to help vaccinate the inmates.

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