Pennington County Fire Administration makes funding requests for 2023

RAPID CITY, S.D. –  The Pennington County Commission is busy with budget hearings this week.

6 29 Pennco Fire Budget Vo00 00 26 23still001Wednesday, volunteer fire departments discussed the current state of fire service in the county while presenting their funding requests.

The three big items; continued support for building new fire stations, addressing potential personnel changes, and worker’s compensation. There are 20 fire departments in the county, 18 of them are volunteer. Pennington County Fire Administrator Jerome Harvey says the county commission is the center point for fire services and its support is crucial.

According to Harvey, “Really, we have about an $80 million a year fire service and we fund it for under a couple of million countywide and that’s huge. And the price tag alone is probably immeasurable as far as what we’re able to save the taxpayers and just the value of added services in return.”

There are 505 firefighters rostered in the county. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter check with your local department.

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