Pennington County Commissioners hold special meeting; declare state of emergency

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Pennington County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved to declare an emergency and adopt a resolution to address the public health crisis and slow community spread of COVID-19.

The board heard from community leaders from the health department, sheriff’s office, state legislative body and other county agencies, during a Friday special meeting.

The two items voted on, a resolution to set hours of operation for county offices and a resolution declaring an emergency and health crisis, were passed unanimously.

“This isn’t a law. This is a recommendation,” says District 4 Commissioner, Mark DiSanto. “But at this point in time, from what we’re observing, these recommendations are already being followed. So, again, I like this resolution because it shows our confidence in our citizens.”

Effective immediately Pennington County is in a state of emergency.

The county administration building has restricted access to the public starting Monday at 8 a.m. Visitors will be asked to contact the department they wish to speak with to set up an appointment. A drop box is available and all materials will be processed within 24 hours.

For ways to make an appointment visit the county website.

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