Pennington County commissioners to consider four-day work week

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Pennington County Board of Commissioners will be considering shortening the work week for the county employees from five days to four days. This would move working hours from eight hours to 10 hours each day.

Human Resources Director Jon Morrill brought up this proposition Tuesday morning stating that it would give a better work-life balance, lead to better productivity, attract and keep more people to government jobs, and that it would also help the environment by lowering emissions and greenhouse gases due to less people on the road.

Commissioner’s pointed to a lack of data and concerns over productivity. The commissioners were also hesitant to close the whole County Administrative Building for an extra day every week. They expressed that they were already extremely busy with customers and that closing another day would make that issue worse, and that they did not want to make it more difficult for Pennington County residents to use their services.

Morrill explained that he understands the concerns of people who have doubts and will do more to research by surveying departments within County Administrations.

The proposal will be brought up again in a later meeting.

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