Pennington County Commissioners approve changes for accessory dwellings

The Pennington County Commissioners approved changes for accessory dwellings in the county.

Pc Commissioners 2

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Tuesday, the Pennington County Commission approved changes to the zoning ordinance for accessory dwellings.

One of the changes – maximum measurements for something like a garage converted into an apartment, it’s now 700-square feet, as opposed to 500.

Some commissioners say that their voters say 500 feet wasn’t enough.

“They just didn’t think that was enough room to put a family member in and so a basic consensus was let’s compromise at 700 square feet,” said Pennington County Commission Vice Chair, Ron Rossknecht.”

There’s also a change with the long-term rental of a single family residence.

The commissioners voted to approve it to four consecutive weeks or longer.

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