Pennington County Commission approves submission for housing project funds

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Pennington County Commission is approving the next step for an equitable housing demonstration project. The vote is unanimous and allows the Health and Human Services Department to submit a proposal for the project.

2 15 Commish Sotvo00 00 18 02still001The invitation for submission comes from the MacArthur Foundation and Urban Institute. Four sites that are selected to participate will receive funds ranging from $620,000 to $775,000 to support planning and implementation of a Housing Investment Action Plan.

According to Pennington County Health and Human Services, the county’s successful collaboration efforts in the community is what led the MacArthur Foundation to extend the invitation.

Pennington County Health and Human Services Director Barry Tice says, “We’ve operated the rebound re-entry program since 2006 at Health and Human Services, and it’s been successful because of our community partners and so this is one of those barriers we see often is identifying housing and affordable housing.”

If approved, work would begin with a six month planning period followed by an 18 month implementation period.

Word on whether the county gets approved to participate is expected sometime in march.

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