Pennington County Administration Building workers receive 4-day work week

RAPID CITY, S.D.– Pennington County Commission voted on Tuesday in favor of changing the administration building working hours, to a four day ten hour work week, closing the building on Fridays.

Pennington County Administration BuildingThe topic was met with mixed feelings, with some departments such as the Treasury, saying they need this to attract more workers to an already over burdened department.

Other departments were hesitant to close the building for an extra day, stating that it would make it more difficult for citizens who wanted to use their service.

Human Resources were the ones who brought the proposal forward, and they stuck to the idea that it would bring in more workers, and would offer a better work life balance.

Head of Human Resources, Jon Morrill, stated in the hearing, “You have an employee who is happy here with the work environment, feels that they are being productive, they’re being listened to, they’re being respected in the type of work they’re doing, they tend to stay with those employers.”

The proposal ended up passing with a three to one vote, on the condition that there would be a three month and six month report on how workers, department heads, and citizens feel about the new change.

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