PENCO Commission taking legal action against pharmaceutical companies

RAPID CITY, SD — The Pennington County Commission is taking direct aim at drug companies that manufacture opioids.

Commission members have approved a resolution allowing the county to take legal action against the companies behind the crisis. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Purdue Pharma are among the more than 15 pharmaceutical firms Pennington County will address.

The resolution, which was drawn up by local law firm Goodsell and Quinn, demands that the county gets a return on money it spent to fight the epidemic.

“It is a cost to everybody in Pennington County,” said attorney Verne Goodsell, “And it comes out of taxes, it comes out of grants. It comes out of all the organizations that we have to take care of people when they have an overdose or when they’re addicted.”

The South Dakota Department of Health has found that over 200 residents have been impacted by opioids, whether it be death,  hospitalization or an overdose.

In the U.S., 91 people die every day from opioid overdose.

“The marketing says, it won’t hurt you, take it and the pain will go away. Well unfortunately people have gotten hooked on it” said attorney Terry Quinn.

The law firm of Goodsell and Quinn are now taking the next steps to help the county recover its expenses.

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