PCSO warns of scammers demanding gift cards

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. — The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office is receiving reports from citizens who are getting calls demanding money for missed jury duty.

The thieves are identifying themselves to be with the Pennington County Clerk of Courts or something fraudulently referred to as Jury Services.

In two cases over two days, citizens were told to go to Dollar General and buy gift cards. The PCSO says this is a scam because neither the PCSO or the Clerk of Court demands money for missing jury duty.

Any time you get a call from government or law enforcement demanding or soliciting money over the phone, you should be skeptical and hang up and call law enforcement directly at (605) 394-6117.

Another common scam is to allege someone has an outstanding warrant and needs to pay over the phone. However, anyone can confirm if they have an outstanding warrant by looking on the website here.

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