Pennington County Sheriff and Rapid City Police honored for ending New Years Day standoff without incident

SIOUX FALLS, SD — The Pennington County Sheriffs Office and the Rapid City Police Department have been recognized for their response to the tense standoff that happened on New Year’s Day.

Officers and deputies were called to the north side of town after a man inside a home there was making suicidal threats while intoxicated back on January first. He was taken into custody after a four-hour standoff.

Sheriff’s Captain Tony Harrison was honored in Sioux Falls on Friday by the South Dakota Counselor Association and the Mental Health Counselors Association for ending that standoff without incident.

“When assistant Chief Don Hedrick and Sheriff Kevin Thom had the press conference right after the event happened, they made the comment about getting the person in crisis the help they needed,” said Captain Harrison “That struck a cord with the South Dakota Counselors Association because they recognized that oftentimes in our line of work, the easy answer is just throw them in jail and you can’t jail mental health people into getting healthy and we know that.”

Law enforcement continues to improve its response to mental health cases, including having mental health specialists in the jail..  

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