‘Paws Forward’ a program put on by the Humane Society, brings dogs to juvenile detainees


The Humane Society in Rapid City is looking for quality time for its rescue dogs, tonight they brought over some pooches to the Juvenile Service Center of Western South Dakota. Every Wednesday evening, the Humane Society brings in animals for the kids to work with, it is called ‘Paws Forward’. The young people learn how to bathe, train, and treat these animals the way they are supposed to be treated.

Rebecca Elger of JSC says “This has been a really great program for our kids, we have kids in the facility that didn’t really wanna participate they just stood back in the corner. And through this program throughout the weeks they come from being a kid who didn’t participate at all just stood and hid in the corner. To someone who is interacting with the animals, petting the dogs you know they take them through some of the agility courses that the Humane Society sets up. And they just kind of opened up, now the kids are talking to each other, they interact well together there is some teamwork that goes together. ”

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