Patients are enjoying Custer’s Healing and Wellness Garden

CUSTER, S.D. — The Custer Hospital and Clinic ‘s Healing Garden spans over 10,000 square feet and offers many benefits to those who visit.

The vision of Dr. Joy Falkenburg and others was to create a place for healing not only for patients of Cuter Regional Hospital but also staff and community members. An oasis of nature designed as a place to gather or reflect on your own thoughts, encompassing the mind, body and spirit connection.

“When you take care of patients it’s a lot deeper than just giving medications or instructing them it’s actually about mind body and spirit and if we can attend to those needs ,we can make patients better, quicker and we can also keep them well better,” said Dr. Falkenburg.

The Garden features a waterfall and a fountain, there’s a playhouse for children and a large pergola that provides shade as well as seating, and a boundless number of flowers, shrubs, trees, and bulbs as well as a vegetable garden, with future plans to include students who can plant and harvest the vegetables. Many local doners got on board with the vision and donated time, materials, and money, so it’s truly a community space. They also rely on the community to help with the upkeep. The Garden is visible from the hospital rooms and physical therapy space. Dr. Falkenburg says studies suggest that viewing nature helps people heal.

“If you look at the data, they’ve actually done studies, they actually had gal bladder patients, that one faced the wall-no visual or anything and the other was able to view nature. They had reduced use of pain medications, shorter hospitalization stays, lower in the pain scale when they accounted for all other things -we know that T cells are increase by nature viewing,” said Dr. Falkenburg.

The scenic space is being utilized for more than just physical healing.

“One of our total stroke patients that when therapies was able work with her, they would bring her out here but we would also just bring her bed out and she’ll be propped up and sit in her bed and get the sunlight on her face that’s healing you know -that’s real healing,” said Dr. Falkenburg.

For more information and updates on the Healing and Wellness Garden, visit their Facebook Page Here.


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