Pathways Academy Program to offer Rapid City students career-orientated instruction

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid city high school students will soon get a head start on their careers with the Pathways Academy Program. The program specializes in career readiness and offers hands-on work experience.

All high school students in the area will have access to specialty programs that will prepare them for a future career. Starting freshman year students will take a seminar that introduces them to fields ranging from business, a variety of sciences, and technical trades.

According to Dr. Lori Simon, superintendent of the RCAS, “Through our academy and pathways approach that our students are going to have a lot of great opportunities to explore careers that they think they are interested in and find out what they’re not interested in so that they can make a decision and graduate with a plan in mind to begin their life after high school.”

In their sophomore year each student will pick a program that they are most interested in or choose a new program to explore.

This gives students the opportunity to get hands on experience in a career field which will hopefully help them decide if they want to pursue it as an adult.

The district hopes this will encourage students to save time and money on school and work locally where these careers are needed.

“We know from state research and surveys that there are a number of unfilled positions in this state. We see it here in our own Rapid City community that there are really good paying jobs,” said Simon. 

The program is set to kick off in fall of 2020.


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