Pathway of Hope Program, offering assistance to change lives in the long term

As many people in communities across the country struggle with stability, The Salvation Army is taking an opportunity to take a step beyond providing basic needs and offering front-line basic assistance to change lives in the long term.

The Salvation Army is preparing to launch the ‘Pathway of Hope’ Program this Spring.

Salvation Army Logo, Courtesy Facebook

Salvation Army Logo, Courtesy Facebook

Pathway of Hope is a program designed for households in crisis mode- who may be in a multigenerational cycle of poverty. The program identifies the challenges that stand in the way of self-sufficiency because of barriers like lack of education, budgeting and stable housing. A case manager works with them through a goal setting process to move from unstable to self-sufficient and thriving.

Captain Kelsie Moreno, Director of Special Services for the Salvation Army of the Black Hills, says, “It’s so unique and individual to each family that is one of the beautiful things of Pathway of Hope, is that we are really able to customize our work with each household based on the challenges they face.”

Dr. Marge Beam and Captain Kelsie Moreno

Dr. Marge Beam and Captain Kelsie Moreno

The Salvation Army typically assists people with emergency services, but this program is helping those folks not have to rely on that kind of help.

Kelsie says, “We are really interested in, as an organization, in changing people’s futures not just fixing their immediate crisis, but really giving them the tools they need to be successful for the long term. This is a more intentional focus on seeing measurable change in our community.”

Program participants will meet with case managers each week for over a year and even check in with them after they have been through the program.

Mentoring with Passages Living

Mentoring with Passages Living

One organization getting on board is Passages Women’s Transitional Living, where women transitioning from incarceration or addition can recover and get their life back on track. They currently can’t offer much support to the women leaving the facility, so this program will give the women the tools they need for a better transition into independent living. As some may leave before they are ready.

Dr. Marge Beam, Passages Women’s Transitional Living Director, says, “The women have struggled when they leave. They leave Passages and it’s a clean cut, now they are with their family, they don’t have the time to continue the program, they feel like they want to transition into their new life, but then they end up struggling because it’s too clean a cut. And without us having an aftercare program, this provides one for them.”

Pathway of Hope is creating opportunities for families who want something better, but just need a little bit of help for a brighter future.

Marge says, “And the women when they are transitioning out of Passages, they like the idea of transitioning to other things, so finding a partner to do after care with — and this seems perfect for them.”

Marge says the Passages Transitional Living can recommend this program to women who are on the wait list to get into the Passage’s house.

For more information on your organization, church, or community group on becoming a Partner in Hope, please contact Captain Kelsie Moreno at 605-342-0982.

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