Transitional Living for Women

Passages Women's Transitional Living is a faith-based, residential re-entry program to guide and support women as they transition from incarceration or homelessness into positive sustainable life patterns.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Women whose lives are shattered due to drugs, alcohol or abuse learn to build healthy relationships, stability and structure at Passages.

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For six years, Passages’ home environment has provided hope and opportunity for recovery so women can reach their full potential. Residents stay for a minimum of six months. They are taught how to make better life choices with coaching and mentoring then resume building and job hunting and how to sustain a positive lifestyle. The program is giving them the tools to go back into the world and stay the path — independent and confident.

Marge Beam, Director of Passages, says, “The addiction starts along time ago — most of them as teenagers because of trying to numb out what has happened to them. And for the ones who haven’t been abused, there’s been life traumas. Alcohol works and drugs work for a while — until they don’t. And they’ve developed decision making processes and new life styles that are survival mechanisms for them, but that don’t really work at mainstream society.”

Passages Transitional Living

Passages Transitional Living

The program is working for Tisha, a former alcohol abuser who is now over two months sober. After a relapse, she knew she needed a different way of life.

Tisha Leader Charge, Passages Resident, says, “When you’re out there in the world, addicted to alcohol, you don’t care about who you’re hurting or what you’re doing, and you just want your alcohol. I’m grateful that I’m still here today, I don’t want to die. I wanted to get better and I was tired of making my mom cry.”

Tisha is working to be a positive part of society and says she is now someone her family enjoys being around and looks forward to helping others once she heals completely.

“I am very grateful. I have a healthy, sober support system. My family is very awesome and loving, so there is no reason for me to be addicted to alcohol. I wanted to start healing and face on my traumatic past and become a better person, so I can help out others,” says Tisha. 

Right now Passages has room for six women but is hoping to expand. They are currently fundraising to build another facility on donated land. Passages is entirely funded through private donations, fundraisers, and grants. Click here for more information on how to donate. 

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