Pain relief without opioids

(WJAR)  There’s a new option in the war against opioids.

It’s for patients with chronic back pain, and involves minimally invasive procedure. David Crossley is one of the success stories.

“Prior to the surgery, I was lucky if I could do 2,000 steps in the course of the day,” Crossley says.

“We tried some conservative treatments, including cortisone injections and more physical therapy, however, unfortunately, he continued to be symptomatic,” says his orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John Czerwein.

When Crossley heard about a tiny implantable device, he didn’t hesitate.

The device is put in place with a simple hypodermic needle.

A small battery pack, worn on the outside in a pocket or clipped to a belt is programmed and sends impulses to the device to control the pain.

“The beauty of this is we’ve had very good results with it and fortunately it has significantly decreased the use of opioids,”  Dr. Czerwein says.

For Crossley, it took just one week. Watch the video to learn more:

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