Oyate Health Center is going to provide the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to its more vulnerable population

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Oyate Health Center announced that they will be receiving close to 100 doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccination later this week.

Oyate started off receiving the Pfizer vaccines, but found that the Moderna vaccines were easier for them to store.

But officials say that because Johnson and Johnson only requires one shot instead of two, and is even easier to store since it doesn’t have to be kept as cold, it could be a more effective option for the vulnerable populations they serve. Oyate Health Center now must determine who will receive their limited amount of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Jerilyn Church, President & CEO of Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board, said, “So, that works really really well for those who may have barriers in transportation. It will also work well for those in reservation communities where the transport of the vaccine is a little bit more difficult.”

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Oyate Health Center is unsure at this time when and if they will be receiving more of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, due in part to what Church says is difficult communication with Indian Health Services.

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