Oyate Health Center holding a walk-in flu clinic until the end of October

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Oyate Health Center is holding a walk-in flu clinic to help reduce the spread of the flu during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walk-in clinics give people a chance to stay up-to-date on their vaccinations as well as reduce the number of people who become hospitalized due to the flu.

It is always recommended to get your flu shot but more so this year.

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“Of all years, this is the year to do it,” said Brandon Ecoffey, the Director of Communications for the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Health Board. “We don’t want anyone to have to deal with both issues at the same time, you know, having the flu or maybe contracting COVID or vice versa. You know, as we all face the enormous challenges that come with COVID, we are doing everything we can to help prepare our community to deal with it.”

Oyate’s walk-in flu clinic will run until the end of October, after that you’ll need to call for an appointment.

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