UPDATE: RCPD names suspect in overnight crime spree

UPDATE (11:00 a.m.) The Rapid City Police Department has released the name of the suspect in an overnight crime spree officials are describing as “one of the largest crime scenes in Rapid City’s history,”

 33-year-old Billy Robertson of Rapid City is now in custody after committing multiple crimes at a variety of locations in the early morning hours of July 21st.

The RCPD has provided a timeline of his alleged involvements prior to being taken into custody:

  • 4:05 a.m./200 block of Country Road – Robertson was involved in a vandalism/disturbance at a trailer home. He was asked to leave. After Robertson initially refused to leave, he was given a ride from the residence. While he was in the passenger seat, he threatened the driver of the Ford F-150 with a knife in the area of Curtis Street and Wood Avenue. The driver got out and Robertson fled in the vehicle.
  • 4:13 a.m./1700 block of North 7th Street – Police received a report of a suspect driving a Ford F-150 in the grass outside of an apartment complex. A resident went out and confronted the suspect. The suspect left the area in the pickup.
  • 4:15 a.m./Residence in the 800 block of West Blvd. North – Robertson arrived at this address and began banging on the back door of the residence and kicked open two doors to make entry into the home. He brandished a knife and threatened to kill the female homeowner. The homeowner’s daughter began calling 911 and the suspect then fled out the back door.
  • 4:20 a.m./Residence in the 2700 Minnetonka Drive – Robertson arrived at this residence and began banging on the door. The homeowner answered the door and a physical struggle occurred between the homeowner and Robertson. During the struggle, the homeowner was stabbed by Robertson. The homeowner was transported to the hospital for serious, non-life threatening injuries.
  • 4:30 a.m./Residence in the 2800 block of Country Club Drive – Robertson entered an unlocked garage and stole keys to a truck parked in the driveway. He then entered the homeowner’s truck and, in the process, crashed into the F-150 he arrived in. Awakened by the noise, the homeowner of this residence realized his truck was being stolen. The homeowner went outside and attempted to pull the suspect from the truck. Robertson continued driving and dragged the homeowner in the process. The homeowner was eventually able to remove the suspect from the truck. The truck continued travelling down the road and struck another residence in the 2800 block of Country Club Drive. Robertson returned to the original F-150 and fled the scene. The homeowner was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries as a result of the altercation.
  • 4:40 a.m./Meadowbrook Golf Course – The F-150 left the roadway along Frontier Drive and began to drive across the golf course. An officer in the area for an unrelated call encountered the vehicle as it was leaving the golf course in the area of 3625 Jackson Boulevard. As the vehicle veered toward the officer creating a life-threatening situation. The officer fired his duty weapon at the vehicle. The vehicle stopped in the area of Jackson Boulevard and 6th Avenue and Robertson fled the area. Law enforcement created a perimeter around the area and Robertson was apprehended in the 2000 block of 4th Avenue. No officers were hurt in the confrontation, nor was Robertson.

Recognizing that Robertson’s actions have created such a wide-spanning crime scene, the RCPD is encouraging the public to come forward with any unreported incidents of damage or other victimization that might have taken place during this time frame. Reports can be made by calling 394-4131.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City police are investigating a string of crimes overnight that ended with a single shot fired and a suspect being taken into custody.

Early Tuesday morning, police responded to the area of Jackson Boulevard and 3rd Street for a report of shots fired.

“We had a couple of significant crimes occur all through Rapid City that were linked to a specific individual,” said Capt. James Johns, Field Services Division. “We tracked him down and ended up confronting him here in front of the golf course and took him into custody.”

Johns says an officer fired one shot at the suspect during the confrontation but the suspect was not hit and was taken into custody.

Police on scene confirmed to NewsCenter1 that the crimes involved several victims who were “brutally assaulted.” Several of the victims were taken to the hospital but police did not confirm the extent of the injuries.

Rapid City police spokesperson Brendyn Medina confirms there is no threat to the public.

NewsCenter1 will continue to update this story as information becomes available.

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