Over two tons of Christmas lights get properly recycled

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It was another record breaking year of Christmas light recycling for Rapid City Solid Waste.

Light String PhotoFor years, in an effort to help the public properly dispose of Christmas lights, Rapid City Solid Waste has set up recycling drop-off locations for non-working strings of lights. The collection boxes this season collected nearly two and a half tons of lights.

Ria Harper with the Solid Waste Division says it’s an impressive haul and a relief to see so many lights properly disposed of.

“It actually saves our guys a huge headache and hours of untangling and the recycling line is usually where they end up,” Harper says.

This year’s collection surpasses last season’s record of a little more than one and a half tons. The landfill does collect strings of lights all year long at their onsite drop-off location.

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