Outdoor golfing in January a rare occurrence in the Black Hills

RAPID CITY, S.D. — December was a lot warmer than usual across the Black Hills, and so far that trend has continued into the new year. Rapid City has experienced nothing but moderate temperatures. Over the last five years, Arrowhead Country Club has only seen 80 rounds of golf played during the month of January. Now, only three days into 2021, they have already seen over 65 rounds this month.

Ryan Treptow, Assistant Professional at Arrowhead Country Club, said, “The die-hards will always find a way. But with the nature of things this year, more people found recreation with golf. And golf is alive and well and healthy in the Black Hills, especially here at Arrowhead.”

With an 18-hole golf course, Arrowhead has plenty of space for social distancing.

“I certainly view it as a mental health sanctuary and we’re happy to offer our members and the wider public through outside events to have a place to come out and have a breath of fresh air. But you can also just get away and do your own thing out here which is really a nice part of the Black Hills. And just this temperate weather we are having this year its just been a treat” said Treptow.

The golf course at Arrowhead has been given a top dressing, a fine sand that protects the green from ice or snow, and allows the course to remain operational throughout the year. Treptow went on to say that there were two members of the golf course who never stopped golfing no matter the weather.

“We’ve had a dynamic duo Steve Seljeskog and Donnie Patton who golfed over 10 years never missing a month. So the die-hards will always find a way.”

Arrowhead is hopeful that the weather will remain warm enough for members to keep playing rounds of golf outdoors during the month of January.

Treptow also said, “Golf is in a great place; we’re gonna just try to keep growing the game. It’s something that you can play your whole life. If you’ve never played, come on out, love to have ya”

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