OST President meets with VP Harris on voting rights

WASHINGTON D.C. — Oglala Sioux President Kevin Killer is in Washington D.C. Tuesday afternoon to discuss Native voting rights with Vice President Kamala Harris.

NewsCenter1 spoke with Killer ahead of the afternoon meeting. He says, traditionally, tribes have always had issues getting people to the polls and ensuring access on Election Day, citing transportation and proximity to the voting sites.

Killer says he’s been looking for legislation in Congress that aims to support Native voters.

“I think they allow for full access to the ballot box early voting access, making sure there are poll workers who know our languages and that we always understand that we have places people can take issues to their supervisors,” said Killer. “Just making sure we’re protecting that right to vote for all of our citizens.”

As the Federal Government continues to discuss voting rights, Killer says OST will continue to work with Tribal Chairs in enhancing access to voter registration and the polling stations.

Also joining Tuesday’s meeting is Tribal leaders from across the Nation. Killer says they hope to go in with a unified message.

“One of the biggest things is that we share a common message and a common message around protecting all of our rights whether we’re in Arizona or Alaska, or South Dakota, North Dakota, or Montana, making sure our issues are being heard and today is an example of that,” said Killer.

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