OST, Camp Mniluzahan volunteers providing meals to the homeless Saturdays at the Civic Center

CAMP MNILUZAHAN, S.D. — While the Pine Ridge Reservation is closest to Rapid City, Camp Mniluzahan has welcomed tribal members from Rosebud and Cheyenne.

Wanting to show their commitment to those in need, leaders from the Oglala Sioux Tribe volunteered to help the homeless. Saturday afternoon at the Civic Center bandstand, OST President Kevin Killer met with several councilmen and volunteers from Camp Mniluzahan. The purpose was to provide meals for those in need – and it will be first of many to come.

“These are people here too, and we try to help our people back home and the Oglalas up here as much as we could. And so there’s just a need to help our people up here also, so we try to be fully involved with participation down here also,” said George Dreamer Jr., a representative from Pine Ridge.

Volunteers have been glad to lend a helping hand and make time on a Saturday afternoon. Many grew up in similar situations, and found it a great way to give back to their community.

“Oftentimes when I was a little boy, we would ask for help and my mom being a single mother…too many times, help never came. And I’ve always vowed to do something for people that are less fortunate. And this is one way of giving back and we don’t plan on stopping here,” said Gerald Cournoyer Jr., a representative from Medicine Root.

Representatives say life goes on, but to never forget those in need.  Especially during COVID, when so many have lost so much.

“Honestly, when I see our relatives that live here on the street, it hits home for me, because that could have very well been me,” Cournoyer Jr. added.

Oglala Sioux Tribe members will continue to provide meals to the homeless on Saturdays at 2 pm.

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